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About DKV

German Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, DKV.


DKV is the unique German technical-research organisation for refrigeration, airconditioning and heatpumptechnology. The organisation was founded 1909 in Berlin and have recently 1500 members in Germany and foreign countries.


Objectives of Society

  • Advance the arts and science and research of refrigeration, heating and airconditioning. Promote the international relationship between technicians and scientists working in the same field. Conduct joint research projects.



  • DKV-Tagungsberichte, Annual publication of all papers of the Deutsche Kaelte-Klima-Tagung in DKV-TAgungsbericht. Interesting research results are published irregular in DKV-Forschungsberichte. Actual interesting themes are published in DKV-Statusbericht (Use of ammonia etc.)
  • DKV-Forschungsberichte
  • DKV-Statusberichte
  • DKV Arbeitsblätter and kältemaschinenregeln
  • DKV-Aktuell
  • Newsletter "NiN-DKV", twice a month
  • Newsletter "NeEt-DKV", every two month
  • Bildungsatlas
  • Conferences
  • Deutsche Kaelte-Klima-Tagung, annual meeting of 600 to 700 scientists and technicians from Germany and European neighbours. 105 papers presented in 5 different working groups.


Research Program

  • Research programms are installed on request, ex. Research programm on new refrigerants.



  • Student branches at different universities
  • Monthly series of lectures in the 13 chapters of DKV

Development of Standards

  • Promotion of the Normenausschuß Kaeltetechnik, branc of DIN (similar to NIST)


International Contacts

  • DKV is benefactory member of the Internatinal Institute of Refrigeration IIR in Paris, France and legal representative of Germany in this organisation
  • Member of FERA (Federation of European Refrigeration Associations)
  • Associate Member of the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Airconditioning Engineers, ASHRAE, USA



Name of Society

  • Deutscher Kaelte- und Klimatechnischer Verein e.V., DKV


Mailing Adress

  • Striehlstr. 11, D-30159 Hannover  or  Postbox 0420, D-30004 Hannover


Phone and Fax

  • 0049 (0) 511 8970814 phone
  • 0049 (0) 511 8970815 fax


e-mail and internet


Chieff Staff Person

  • Carmen Stadtländer, General Manager


Board Member

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Hesse, President
  • Dr.-Ing. Holger Neumann, Vice President


Number of Members

  • 1.500